Performance and effectiveness management in B2B-sales

Anton Kozhemyako.

How to range the clients’ database?

How to select the right KPI to manage salespersons?

What indicators must you have chosen to grow your business sustainably?

There is endless quantity of questions about sales activity improving.

Our team tries to assemble puzzling competencies to give a helpful and clear system to manage your B2B-sales department. We do not propose a magic pill, but it is a real method that works if you are working to implement it in your practice. We put our big experience to this paper, and we hope that those recommendations assist you to expand your business and reaching your KPIs.

The main purpose of the article is to show how to build the crucial parts of the system management and how to establish connections among them to gain an effective and efficient management system for the B2B-sales department to boost up your sales.

Why the proposed approach is interesting?

There are several approaches to calculate and manage indicators in the b2b-sales department and to suggest a prospective sales plan based on past statistics. But this approach is not based on clear data. The author suggests another approach based on detailed information and simple formulas to count b2b-sales plans and required resources.

This article is based on our team’s experience after carrying out over 20 projects.

Article volume:

  • 13 pages.
  • 3 tables.
  • 8 formulas with examples to employ them.

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