Dissertation for the master’s degree in TRIZ

Anton Kozhemyako.

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The dissertation «Features of TRIZ applications for solving organizational and management problems: schematization of an inventive situation and working with models of contradictions» is devoted to the application of schematization together with analytical and decisive TRIZ tools.

Here is the most recent, improved, and updated version of the work. This material can be used for the following purposes:

1. Application of the ideas put into work to solve the problems of your business.

2. Exchange of views with the author. Anton Kozhemyako will be grateful for suggestions, comments, and constructive criticism. Feedback mail — kap@batriz.ru

3. Further improvement of the methodology. The synthesis of the approaches of the Moscow Methodological Circle and TRIZ has been talked about for a long time, however, little work in this direction has been prepared.

As a manuscript. When using dissertation materials, reference to the work is required. Download the materials in pdf format below: